May 7, 2020

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The story about the cook (Câu chuyện của người đầu bếp)

Dear holy Guru, I am happy to read “Fifty verses of Guru Devotion” by Ashvagosha. I am touched with every word full of Guru Devotion in the fifty verses. These teachings are the guideline for us to practice Guru Devotion in the path to enlightenment. Guru Devotion is the key to Vajrayana practice. We see the Guru exactly as a Buddha – the completely enlightened being. “Fifty verses of Guru Devotion” I have understood that everything must be connected with Guru Devotion. When I practice, all my efforts – reading and comment, renunciation, bodhicitta, and other methods- need the view of Guru Devotion to make them truly Vajrayana practices. If a practitioner wish to attain something special separate from the Guru, no attainment will happen in his or her mental continuum. Even a small thing done with Guru Devotion, it becomes amazing Vajrayana practice, which leads the practitioner to the

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