Jul 26, 2018

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THE FIRST IMPRESSION (Cái buổi ban đầu lưu luyến ấy…)

      I have read Guruji’s articles for a year and every time I read your article,  it seems to me that Guruji  is next to me. The distance by different country seems to be disappeared.  In every words in his articles,  I feel that they are from his compassionate heart. Guruji is so close to me. In his articles,  I am especially expressed by 6 marvelous practices invented by respected Guruji which is suitable with our modern life. This makes me have the wish to go to Vietnam to meet Guruji and learn from him in person. Guruji introduced Lac Canh Dai (Joyful Resting Place) I feel proud of  Guru ji and the team of learners. I was attracted and rushed to Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam to meet them all. My expectations and hope to learn something from Guru ji made me a new learner. And what

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