Sep 19, 2018

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SUPERMAN AND SUPER SUPERMAN (Siêu nhân & Đại siêu nhân)

Superman and Super Superman Thereat a children’s toys stall stands two superheroes, one dressed in Batman’s costume and the other dressed in Superman’s. They were advertising for an upcoming movie about the battle between Superman and Batman. “Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice” is about to released but it has already triggered waves of debates about these two superheroes. As we already know, Batman is billionaire Bruce Wayne, the protector of Gotham city. Superman is an alien named Ka-el, who uses his power to keep the peace in Metropolis city. We all know the superpower of Superman, an alien who has an extraordinary strength and the ability fly and shoot laser beams from his eyes. It makes us wonder how Batman – a billionaire from planet Earth, can defeat Superman Or is it even a fair fight for a mortal like Bruce Wayne? The children were excited to see these two

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