May 22, 2020

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Nature and Phenomena (Bản chất và Hiện tượng)

Two Bhikkus  were taking bath on one side of a river on the bank. After taking the bath ,they intend to cross the river by walk as there were no facility of boats and reach the Monastery Temple which was situated on the other side of the river bank to join their Guru in prayers. As soon as they finished  their bathing and  covered their bodies with saffron coloured  drobes, they were about to move and Cross the river. By that time a milk maid with her milk can came there and  requested to help her in crossing  that river as the water level was little deep in the river flow as  she also intended to go to the same bank of the other side of the river for distribution of the milk who were residing there. One Bhikku  was reluctant and not willing and hence pretended as if he

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