Oct 2, 2017

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MIND PROSPERS (Hưng vận tâm thức)

MIND PROSPERS (Hưng vận tâm thức) MIND PROSPERS Rich or poor, people have sorrow, all of them desire happiness and avoid worrying. “Stop worrying and Start living” is a well-known saying of a successful French man. Howeve, to do it effectively, each famous man has own way. Stop worrying Buddha showed that human beings has 8 types of unhappiness which are reasons of sorrow. They are birth, aging, disease, death ( being born, growing, sickness and death are unhappiness), unfulfilled wishes are unhappy, separation from the loved is unhappy, meeting while disliking is unhappy, full – orbed activities of the five skandhas are unhappy. These 8 unhappiness cause 84.000 sorrow. Everyone expect to leave from these. Buddha taugh the way to leave from sorrow in “Turn the dharma – cakra” sutra. That is after consider “Four Noble Truths” , Buddhist practice “Noble Eightfold Paths”, then the results of Buddha – way will be fulfilled step by

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