Jul 17, 2018

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Letter No. 262 to disciples: WHAT IS YOGA NAME? (Pháp danh là gì?)

Letter No. 262 to disciples: What is Yoga name? Today, on 16th July 2018, as usual, I make a list of the readers on chanhtuduy.com. Those who have commented 30 articles up will become the learners and will be granted a log-in account to walk through the garden of dharma flowers, enjoying 2,000 blooming flowers with different colors and fragrance. As I have written in the previous articles, in which I mentioned that the new Yoga name does not replace your existing dharma name you have got, this Yoga name is just a supplement to enable you to practice the renunciation in Buddhism. Why so? Because the Dharma name or Yoga name is the new name bestowed by the Guru, it means that from that time onwards, you have become a member of the bodhi relatives with the Buddhas and Holy Saints in ten directions. In addition to rise the divine

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